sanding headlights

ok so i might be buying some HID’s today . But i cant find a thread or a DIY for sanding the inside of the headlamp lense . Its the part with the vertical flutes or guards or what ever they are called . Any help would be great or if you guys could point me in the right direction that would be awsome .

It’s very difficult to do, I’ve only seen 1 set done successfully.

Unfortunately i do not know of the write up.

it seems as tho it would be…i just dont want the glare to be so bad .

It’ll be bad in any headlights you put in your DA. For best output with HIDs would be a projector retrofit into the Ebay clear lens headlights.
look around here. there should be some links to crazyseamans HID install. maybe.

I have done them on other cars before and they all turned out great . But with reguards to our cars there is the vertical guards that will either block or alter the light pattern .