How do you sand down your paint job? I want to sand it down myself to save sum $$$ on a new paint job. The sanding/stripping down is the most expensive part right? I’m guessing you dont use alot of sand paper so do i hafta buy anything? hehe sorry for dumb Q’s, tryin to save some $$$

Ok, im no expert on prepping. I just had my car painted, I didnt sand my whole car down but I shaved my emblems using bondo and sanding it down. Ok to sand your whole car down, you’re gonna need a hella lot of sandpaper, 400 grit. I mean alot… You need to use a sand block as well. You’re going to wet sand the car, meaning keeping the sanding surface slightly wet. Thats most of what I know, hth.

I’m not expert either, but if you’re just prepping it for a new paint job then you just need to sand it to dull up the paint so the primer will stick. I’ve seen people just wipe it down with laquer thinner but that guy was doing an old Subaru so I don’t think he was extremely concerned with finish. Seems like wet sanding it with 400 would dull it up real good like.


makee sure to use 3M sandpaper, and sand it with a block to minimize wavees. (objeect with flat surface, and haveee that between your hand and the sandpaper.)

Thx for tips all :slight_smile:

i had all my dents pounded out with a help of a friend, after the bondo and all, we just sanded the entire car down. im gonna keep it rio red or milano red. while your at it, here is your chance to shave the emblems and remove the integra sticker. and if your in the mood, shave the antenna as well. i cant decide if im gonna have the antenna tho, tough choice to make on that one.