SC: (WTB) 90-93 DA/DB1 half shaft/intermediate shalf

I need a half shaft/intermediate shaft for a manual 90-93 integra since yesterday, please hmu me asap if you have one, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.

I’ve got one. I also replied on my thread but figured you’d check here first. Shoot me an offer. I can ship it out first thing Monday morning.

in my monsterous search i MAY have found a local one. BUT shoot me your number via email if you rather that, so in case his doesnt work out we can communicate quicker to get this thing shipped out

530-321-9334 text is best because I’m always working or at home where I get no service at all.

i’m planning to get one from charlotte today. if it doesnt workout i will hit you up

i shot you a text

anyone else?

I have one

Me too:

ok fellas hold that thought, i’m going to go see if i have one up in north myrtle beach, only a hr away…if it’s there i’m good. but be on stand by i may need a quick shipping on this

i was able to find one and i took it to the car…i should hear tonight ot make sure it’s good and what not. thanks alot guys for being willing to help me out.

I’ve got one in Augusta,GA if that one doesn’t work out.

thanks i’ll keep that in mind