Scary shit about my transmission fluid situation...

I bought my car about 5 weeks ago. Anyway 4 weeks ago I decided to “change” the transmission fluid. I say “change” in quotations because…there was none to change! It was bone dry, not even a drop came out when I took off the drain bolt. I got the idea to change the fluid because it grinded when going into 3rd, and I changed it to synchromesh on my old honda and I was happy with the results. So anyway, I filled it up with 2.5 quarts of synchromesh, and the grinds went away, felt like a different tranny (no lie!!) Now, a month later, everything is still fine (fluid is still full, no grinds, etc), so what kind of permanent damage could have been done without running fluid? I hope nothing pops up in the future but for now (knock on wood) its fine! Thanks!

Mmmm, if it runs fine for the moment don’t fret. Any damage that was done won’t need to be addressed until its not acting fine anymore. All the tranny internals: gears, the “dog” collar thingies, bearings, have prolly worn down some. But wearing down doesn’t lead to fatigue, just a shortened lifespan.

Keep a lopkout for grinds, hard to shift, and such. In the meantime, maybe u should look into what JDM tranny you would want as an eventual replacement…or check the forums for someone parting a tranny.

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Swap out the motor oil in your tranny to Honda MTF or GM syncromesh friction modified and your grinds will probably go away. If not, the period that you ran your tranny with no fluid finally caught up to you.