Scraping, rubbing noise

I have a scraping, rubbing type noise coming from the front end. It is more noticable when the car is cold. It goes away when I step on the brakes or when I am making long fast hard turns (freeway onramps) Car has 200k and I’ve done the brakes one time about 80k ago. The pads look OK. The noise is related to vehicle speed not engine speed. Thanks for any info.


If it is a high-pitched noise, it could be the wheel bearings. Those are more of a squeak than a rubbing noise.

I would also check you tire clearance. My fenderliner came loose while I was on the highway and my tire caught it and shredded it to pieces. I obviously had a rubbing/scraping noise as well.

Does it sound like plastic is being rubbed, versus metal? Check the clearance of the axles, and all other rotating parts near the front end.