Scratched onepiece headlights

I just got a pair of 1-piece projector lights(got them foir $40) and they have scrathes on them. Could I buff those out the same way you you buff out clouded headlights ? I ask this cause the lense is plastic.

uummm…i would say yes…? try it…

on my 03 sentra specV they had plastic headlights and I used PlastX. it’s a plastic polish, scratch filler, cleaner. works well, if they are really scratched then you may need to do multiple coats. I used to use it once a week.

If the scratches are bad, start with 600 grit sandpaper wetsanding. Then 800 grit, then 1000 grit, then 2000 grit, alll wetsanding. Then use meguiars PlastX, or if you have a machine buffer/polisher you can use plastx with it, or different types of cuttin compounds to get the finer scratches out, then polish.

If they’re not bad, start with 1000 grit wetsanding > 2000 grit wetsanding. Do each grit for about 20 minutes a piece, itll really show after you wear your hand out.

I recently did it to mine btw. I did 800 grit > 1000 grit > 1500 grit > 2000 grit, then used meguiars PlastX and finished it off with “Flitz Wax Protectant” and they shine back like brand new.

Where can I get it ?

Most auto parts stores will have that kind of stuff.