scratching 3rd gear... question on clutch

for some reason when i race my car, every time i shift into 3rd gear, it makes a grinding sound. sounds horrible. if i just drive normal, everything is fine. only when racing does it do this. it never did before. started doing it in the recent weeks. can someone help?

next thing…i posted up earlier about a problem and come to find out my clutch IS bad. so i have to replace it. i am taking this opportunity to put a performance clutch in now. anyone have suggestions. i told my friend i was maybe thinking clutchmasters, but he said no. he said he knew someone who got one, and it slipped. he told me to get an ACT clutch. so i’m leaning for that…has anyone tried either of these and what were the results???

90 Integra GS
141,150 miles

when was the last time the tranny oil was replaced? I had a problem shifting into 4th last year because I used Mobil 1 synthetic gear oil instead of Honda MTF.


hmm…sounds like ur trying to power shift ur way into gear…but if not…the oil change sounds like a good idea…my trans had a main seal leak behind the tranny…when i got a new clutch they fixed the seal and everything was fine…

as for the clutch i have an ACT with the heavy duty pressure plate and the high temp super street disc… HD87SS i think this is the part number…but i was thing a 6 puck but i live in sf and that’s a lil to crazy for me…but if u want true performance and u drive hard the X-Treme is fine…i drove with this on my friends gen 2 and it was noticibly stiffer but nothing an afternoon of crusing couldnt cure…XTREME with the SS disc is great…i reconmend this to anyone…but u dont like the added stiffness then the heavy duty is just fine…i can scratch third without a prob…i can get the heavy duty for 390…email me if u find a better price…i highly doubt it tho…

hey, thanks for the response. i’ve been keeping my eye out for who can get me some kind of deal on a clutch. $390 isn’t bad at all. i’ll definitely let you know.

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Hey man, a grind in shifting to third is an indication of one of the following:
1- bad tranny oil, you should also experience general stiffness in all gear shifting
2- bad clutch, then double shifting should cure the problem if shifting at high rpm. Also, the problem should not occur ALL the time
3- Worst case, your synchros are gone. Usually the synchro between second and third but we always recomend a new tranny as opposed to rebuilding it.

Good luck with the clutch, I’m very interested, my original clutch has finally gave up hope and is dying on me…

hey man, I got a ACT 6 pluck with a heavy duty pressure plate and its great when it comes to racing but on everyday driving it kinda sucks at times cause it’s hard to drive on the street without chirping off the line at a street light. Also my trans was good until I put it in and kinda ragged on my car a few races and the trans came stiffer when it came to shifting from 1st to 2nd and scratches going into 3rd now. just my experience and I changed my trans oil like 3 times already so I think it’s my synicros. time for a new trans, something with a LSD and a softer clutch. just my 2 cents

6puck too much

see there is a smart gen2 owner…many maybe all of us can drive with a 6 puck…i could drive a 6 puck like its a stock clutch…im pretty much use to those stiff clutches…because i rode around in a prelude 4 puck b 4…i mean its harder and engagement is imediate but learning to drive on them makes u a better racer…the only reason y i dont have that is i race alot and i kno that the 6 puck is just too strong for my tranny…sooner or later the tranny is gonna give or the anxles…so…think b4 u buy…

i have a clutchmasters stage 4 clutch and it is not fun in heavy traffic, but when I’m racing its perfect. instant grip! never had any problems

My problems just the oppisite i can power shift when racing and it wont grind but if i drive normal it scratches in 2nd. and 3rd. but it will be fixed tonight. I forgot to mention it was my sinc.'s

what are u planning to do?? Rebuild the tranny?

if you’re asking about me im gettine a b16a from an sir

The syncro is going… plain and simple… every honda tranny I have had had a third gear synchro problems… especially if you are racing and shoving it in there

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