Screws at the top of the bumper cover sucks!

How do I go about on doing this, I have tried putting WD40 but it still won’t budge out and I’m scared that I might strip it off

Dude that totally sucks! I’m having the same problem and my middle screw is stripped.:mad:

anyone know the best way to do this?

Are you guys talking about the screws that hold the bumper support onto the cover? Yeah, I couldn’t get those even after soaking them in oil. The only thing I can think of is to use an impact driver. Apparently you can get them at the auto store for $15 or so but I can’t confirm that yet. Maybe hit the screwdriver with a hammer when in the scew. HTH, later.


bought an impact driver at sears for less then $20. Works fine, but I have an air compressor now.

Yeah they do suck !! Why couldnt they just put bolts. Anyways, to get mine out, i hammered in a screwdriver, and gripped it with a vise grip and turned. This was after soaking it in WD40 for 30mins.
It worked great for me.


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