Sea Foam Deep Creep

Many of us have used and love the Sea Foam engine cleaner, myself included. I was so impressed with the results of using the engine treatment that I decided to try the Deep Creep to clean my throttle body. Deep Creep is Sea Foam engine cleaner in an aerosol can that comes a straw attachment to concentrate the spray as needed. This stuff is fucking amazing! I had used the engine treatment the day before to clean the carbon build-up from my cylinder heads, intake manifold and intake valves. My car was already idling and accelerating smoother than it had been. How I used Deep Creep is I took off my intake and sprayed it into the throat of the throttle body with the throttle plate open. I then started my car and again sprayed into the throat with the plate open. Next I turned off my car and let her sit for 5 minutes and then restarted her, per the instructions. Just like with the regular Sea Foam, she smoked for a while. When I took her for a drive the throttle response was noticably better/faster and acceleration was deffinately quicker and smoother. I recomend it and it’s cheap! ($6)!

Meh, sounds like a gimmic. I don’t trust this kind of shit in my car. The farthest I go with stuff like this is injection cleaner.

sounds like a penetrating oil / carb cleaner just more in depth as to its uses

actually this is not a gimmick. We at Honda use Pro Honda formula that does the same thing. We have one can that connects to the booster vacuum line and is sucked into the manifold to clean deposits, and then we have a spray, and you use a tooth brush to clean the inside of the manifold. I have done it to my car, and it is a service we offer at our Honda dealer. Great stuff, and worth EVERY penny.

I don’t know about that deep creep, (never used it). But the original sea foam is absolutely amazing. My friends 91 LS with 100k would fluctuate in idle, from about 550-800, nothing really bad but it was just annoying he said, so I told him about seafoam and what I’ve heard. What we did, the can says to use it in your oil, gas, and vaccum. So we poured 1/3 in crankcase, 1/3 in gas, and pulled the brake booster vaccum off and it sucks it up. Took it for a drive, white smoked like a mutha, but it’s a good laugh. Then we changed the oil, and it idles much smoother, and he said the car picks up smoother and it just runs better all around. Very good stuff, very easy to use, and it’s cheap, good invenstment.
No gimmick.

I used the Deep Creep at the same time I used the Sea Foam treatment … I sprayed through the throttle body as well, but I also sprayed a good amount through the two holes on the left before the butterfly (IACV/FITV) … Cleared up my idle pretty damn well … Well worth the money … :up: :up:

how can i get the pro honda formula? does it include instructions?