search could not find.Question about cooling relay

i have a b16 del sol motor swapped in my gs two door. my cooling fan wont come i think the person that swapped the engine didnt hook up wires right. how could i check this problem? could it be wiring problems or should i just check my cooling fan switch. and does it matter if the relay switch is for del sol motor or should i just by the stock cooling switch. i have a volt meter but i dont know how to check the switch to see if power is going to the cooling switch. thank you.

on the back of the b18a block the old temp switch are these two wires. black and yellow. you have to route(extend) those wires to the new location, the new temp swtich is located on the thermostat/water neck where the lower radiator hose attaches too. you need a connector that goes with the temp switch, the negative wire should be closest to the clip part of the connector as well.

note: this is assuming that your mechanic did not change your thermostat housing and coolant tube in back of the block.