seat belt harness anchoring

im looking to pick up some harnesses but i dont know where to anchor them without atleast getting a roll cage with harness bar, because im under the impression they dont make harness bars for DAs

if you get the long ones you can anchor them to where your back seat belts are. i’ve seen alot of those at the car shows

I had mine anchored at the rear seat belt buckle holes. as long as its at 45 degree angle or less from the seat holes you’re ok

thnx for the quick replies, do u know where i can get the long ones at

long what?

im guessing hes talking about the belts, to reach, maybe an extension:shrug:

just get some simpson harnesses they should work fine

When you are looking for harnesses… and I’m assuming you are looking to get a four or five-point harness… just read the specs. I don’t know what seats you are planning on using, but take some measuring tape and measure from the point where you will have your belts lock up (or camlock whatever), through the harness holes (if you have them in your seat) and down to the stock rear seatbelt bolt holes.

Write the number down, because you will need a harness with atleast six to ten more inches than that. This number will also help you to make the initial adjustment to your harness when it’s installed. This is what I did when I ordered/installed mine and it went really smooth. You can also custom order a harness, I believe Takata does custom orders, and they can extend/contract the belts at your whim, granted that you ship them back to have them modified.

EDIT: By the way, you probably don’t need to do any of this, because 99% of all harnesses will fit. If it doesn’t fit a DA, it won’t fit anything. It’s just for reference.