Seat belt problems with DA

I replaced my driver side door on my 91 Integra LS with a door from another 91 LS. Now my seat belt light flashes indefinitely on the gauge cluster and the seat belt control unit beeps indefinitely because it detects an error in the system. The driver side seat belt stopped moving along the tracks after the door swap, but the passenger side still works fine.

Nothing was touched except the door and the only seat belt related switch (that I know of) in the door is the latch which I tested according to the service manual and it checks out. I even swapped in the old latch, same problem. I thougtht maybe it was the wire harness between the door and chasis because we had some problems getting that to snap in but I can control both power windows and adjust the power mirrors.

Help! This beeping is annoying!

well if you don’t mind having “manual seat belts” (them staying in the locked position and not moving then just disconnect your computer. If you do, then you might want to try going to Acura and, depending on their attitude, they may fix it for free.

Well recently mines started acting up and I went to Acura for a free replacement. They cover the seatbelt mechanisms with a lifetime warranty but watch out because the molding that goes around the seat belt tracks will have to get ripped out to replace the track and they want 300$ per molding!!


Well I dont think it would be free since the reason why it stopped working was because I swapped the door. Its not a damaged system. There has to be a sensor somewhere that I dont know about or something.

do our cars have “door ajar” lights on our clusters? (I don’t have my car right now)

If they don’t, set your dome light to “door” and close your driver’s door… if it’s still on, you have a faulty door switch.

They do but that sensor only controls the dome light, nothing more. The dome light is switched on/off by the door as it did before the door swap.

Got it. It was a stupid bent pin in the main harness connection between the door and A pillar.

Actually no… these control your auto seatbelts too.