Seat repair

My leather seats front and Rear are in Real bad condition and i want to replace my old leather with new or something anyone know how i go about getting it done because i have know idea thanxs

You could try to get some used seats, or you could have yours re-upholstered.
Gonna cost you a few hundred bucks either way.

My cloth seats are worn and tore up. it’s a shame they don’t make just the cloth or leather. but you gotta get the whole seat.

katskins sells replacement covers. You have to remove the factory covers and reinstall the new covers. They look as good if not better than factory leather. They are expensive but worth it!

mine sux

i got an RS with the leather option… dam it is so broken and torn and faded and everything bad has happened to it… i have the same problem… good reason to go get some racing seats though…

For those in SF bay area, I found a place that does a pretty decent job in re-uphostery if you are interested. I had the typical L/H driver seat bolster that was torn and the foam starting to come out. This place changed the entire surrounding areas and the color is almost a match. It is slightly a different color probably because my original seats are hella faded. I am happy with it. The place is Jack’s Auto Top and Upholstery, 1020 Howard Ave, San Mateo, CA. Tel 344-6477. Charged me about $250.00 and it took only a few hours, but I left the seat with them for the whole day and picked it up the next day.

do you have pics of your redone seats?