Seat swap (passengers to drivers)

Sorry if this has already been covered I could not find anything. I have a badly torn drivers seat but a good spare pass seat. I was curious of a couple things.

  1. How hard is it to make the passenger seat work on the drivers side? I know the recline handle would be on the wrong side.

  2. How hard is it to simply swap the backs? and would this work?

I tried to swap mine a couple years ago because the driver side seat is getting kinda threadbare. I have a '90 RS coupe. The driver and passenger side front seats are definitely NOT interchangeable. I was told they are so I took them out but quickly saw that it wouldn’t work. Can’t remember the details of the differences in the mounting bracketry, but probably it’s more hassle than it’s worth to modify them to fit.

Not sure about the possibility of swapping the seat backs or seat cushions.

What about swaping the seat brackets also?

I don’t know. I just can’t remember exactly how the seats mount. They only take a few minutes to remove. Super easy. Pop 'em out and have a look for yourself. If you decide not to proceed with anything, at the very least you’ll probably find a bunch of spare change and have the opportunity to really clean under the seats :slight_smile:

i suggest getting urs reupholstered if u got the money. if u have a more constricting budget, find a used driver seat in better condition… if u can’t find that… buy some seat covers =P

I agree with Squeezethis.

On a side note, I just remembered that I had a similar situation with my previous car (don’t laugh), a 1981 Isuzu I-Mark rear wheel drive coupe. This was so many years ago I can’t remember all the details, but there was something fucked up with the seat rails on the driver’s seat, so I switched the driver’s and passengers seats. They must have bolted up just fine, because I drove the car for several years with the seats switched and the lever for the seat back was on the wrong side, etc. That was a miserable, uncomfortable little car but mechanically it was bullet-proof. Sold it in 2001 to some dude at school for $250.

I took a spare passenger seat and swapped the upper cover onto a drivers seat. Fits almost perfect and was free…

i did the same thing. worked great

thats also a good option. i did that b4 but kinda salvaged parts from one to repair my driver seat. gotta make the best of what u got.

sounds like a plan… i have 2 sets of passanger seats & on my db1 the upper part is gone. i might try it & take pics…

that’s strange… i’m rollin’ with 2 front passenger seats and i didn’t have to modify anything… unless i got lucky and the guy before me swapped it already lol… i’ve got a 90 db1… :shrug:

I don’t see how the rails would fit being that the back mounts are opposite, and the brackets for the seatbelt assembly unless you have manual belts. Swapping covers would be much easier then changing rails.

that makes sense… my car’s from japan, not american made…

waht do you mean? liek take the cover and the foam out and swapped it or took the whole back rest and swapped it?

i swapped the cover and foam and it worked good

how did you do it?