SeatBelt trouble

Ive searched but i think my case is a little different.

Ever since the ECM on my way home it was raining hard but i had to have my window open cause my defroster doesnt work. From that moment on my seatbelt started to act funny. Now it wont go back when i close the door, like yesterday it didnt go back right away but about 5 seconds later it did. Then this morning it didnt go back at all. Then that afternoon it worked fine, and again later that day it didnt work.

I know about the dealer thing, my fuse is good btw. Just need some advice or tips please

Seatbelt Fuses?

Where is the fuse or the seatbelts i can’t find where it says Seatbelt on either fuse box? because all mine need is the fuse

Damn forgot all about this thread

The fuse is the “Hazard” Fuse under the hood.

I just unpluged my computer for the seatbelts, i can live with it