would i be able to put these seats in my g2?

anyone have any experience?


should be able to…just gotta fabricate brackets to fit…

A more appropriote (SP) question might be:
“How much time/money/frustration will I have to go through to get these seats to fit?”
And what are those seats from exactly?

The seats look like they’re from the new Si (SiR here) hatch.

However, good luck finding them… not many people with those cars are willing to give up those seats! And the seats themselves would be incredible expensive. You’d be better off just buying new Recaros or Corbeaus. They’ll have brackets that you can use too.

its gettin them in that is the problem, not gettin them. and no i dont steal ****.

my freind can machine custom stuff for me, would i need a custom rails?


Yes, you’ll need custom rails I’m sure… do you have the seats now? Take one of your integra seats out and compare the rails first – you might just be able to swap the rails from your integra seats on to them. ya never know