Security System Idea I have...What Do You Think?

So I was thinking, for some reason or another about security systems today and how to make them better. And I came up with this as an idea to prevent the car from being stolen in 2 situations, people that leave there cars idling either outside or in there garage to warm them up and somone just hoping in and taking off, and the people that already have alarms, but the theif gets in, disables your alarm and hotwires your car.

The idea is this, wire the alarm up to the TPS sensor, when the car starts the alarm reads a basline from the TPS (or you predefine what the voltage should be when the throttle plate is closed) and as soon as the computer sees a change in the voltage, it kills the car.

This would prevent somone from getting in your idling car and driving off, because as soon as they tried the car would die, and continue to do so until they got frustrated and gave up, and if someone hotwires it, sure they started your car, good for them, lets see what happens when they try to go somwhere. Even if they let the clutch out slowly (5 speed), or let off the brake (auto) [do autos even have a TPS?] they would be able to go, but not anywhere very fast before you or the police caught up with them :owned: That is of course assuming that the guy is smart enough to figure out what it causing the car to die, which I doubt since most theifs are probably pretty stupid anyways.

What do you guys think, first is it possible, to either be a home made add-on the alarms, or somthing that alarm manufactures could build in to their units? If its not a good idea, please, post comments more than “your dumb”, I would like to know why you think it wouldnt work as well as why you think it would.

{insert a Smilie of “fuck theifs” here}


ok but what about when u need to drive it what do u need to do to change the settings?

I’m guessing a switch strategically located?

It’s “thieves” and sadly enough, they seem to be pretty damn smart…

Sorry i don’t know if what you have thought up is possible, here’s hoping someone else does.

Our cars also have a cold start idle setup. So when the cars throttle plate is slowly closing, it would read a “change in voltage” and shut the car off.

And if someone has a bouncing idle, killed.

Maybe I don’t get what you’re trying to say…

I thought this was done by somthing else, i cant think of its name right now(?IACV?), but the high idle at start up isnt controlled by the throttle plate being open any more than normal, there are hole in the TB that control that, I just cant think of there names right now, so that wouldnt be an issue. Bouncing idles wouldnt cause any changes in the voltage either, since they too are not caused by the throttle plate moving, but by a vacum leak, or some sensor that is dirty or clogged.

If it were installed on top of an existing alarm, or as a standalone unit, it would have a hiddden switch somwhere to arm and disarm it. If it was incorperated into an alarm the alarm system would alow it to be armed and disarmed just like you do your alarm now, via a remote. It would turn on and off either with the alarm itself, or you could turn it on and off independantly.

Like in the situation where somone manages to get in and disable your alarm, (ie cutting the wires to your siren to shut it up) this system would still be active…

Thanks for the input everyone.

Not exactly sure on how exactly the IACV takes in it’s needed air for cold starts, but for vacuum leaks the ECU will sense them and open the throttle plate more to compensate. If you had a vacuum leak don’t you think it would continually leak instead of a “bouncing” leak? :slight_smile:

autos do have a tps. Its good that you’re thinking and trying to make our cars harder to steal , but RULE # 1 dont leave your car unattended and running. Where I live in NJ you will get a ticket if you leave the car running and unattended and a cop sees you . If your car gets stolen and you report it to the police (and you tell them you left it running) they will put that in the report. When the insurance company sees the report they wont pay for any damage done to the car.

Or you could just get a remote start. That way your vehicle is running while the doors are locked (if you have keyless entry) and the alarm is armed. If the alarm goes off, the vehicle shuts off and the starter kill kicks in. If the brake is pushed without having the keys in the ignition, the vehicle shuts off. If a certain RPM is reached without the key in the ignition, the vehicle shuts off. If the hood is opened, the vehicle shuts off and the alarm goes off.

Steven Kephart
Adire Audio

O, I guess I didnt know remote start systems had all that in them :smiley:

Thanks for all the input everyone

We don’t have electronic throttle, the ECU can’t control the throttle plate. It adjusts idle through the IACV, which bypasses the throttle plate.

Thats what I thought, so a high idle and a bouncing idle would have no effect on the voltage put out by the TPS, so it would work, ok good, needed somone to confirm my thoughts on that.

Good idea, but as Steven mentioned get a remote start and you’re done. Or better yet use the door triggers in combination with a timer or switch to stop the engine before someone even enter the vehicle.