Seeking recommendation for spring and camber

Seeking recommendation

Hi All,

Currently my set are Koni Yellow with Eibach Prokit (1 to 1.5) and Suspension Technique rear sway bar. After 30,000 miles and 3 years of this setup I am considering a new look, I want to get a ‘lower ride look’. Plus I was by tire shop that I am getting uneven were on inside of my tires (195/15/55). I want to get a lower ride (no more than 2 inch drop - I think) and get some camber kit and new tires (205/15/50).

Can you all kindly suggest on the spring set and camber kit for front and rear.

Thank You


I will post my ride tonight.

i got H&R springs with tokico blues and an ingalls camber kit, which i haven’t put in yet but i am like tuesday.

my ride

Here is my ride with koni yellow and prokit

I’m considering the Neuspeed Sport which I think are 1.8 and 2.0. If you go with them, let me know how they work out for ya :wink: