Selling Clean 90' DA GS in Ok!

I have a 1990 Acura Integra 5spd with a B18a1 engine with 208k on the body, I think the engine was built a while back before I owned the car but NOT entirely sure maybe it was just a basic built like water pump, new belts, etc. I am the third owner of it to my knowledge.
I love this car very much and has been taking good care of it. I havent really done anything impressive with it. just changed the ignition switch, swapped out the interior to black instead of the stock blue so the interior is very clean. everything works in the car except for the a/c I think it just has a small leak somewhere, and I have a k&n filter running, also the windows are powered and I took out the door panel handle on the inside because it broke off but can be replaced back into the panel just too lazy to do it so I just have black duct tape covering it up for now. Also I have an aftermarket muffler on it but the baffle just went out so sounds like a super ricer but not that bad now since I have the silencer on now. Like I said though the car has been takin great care of, the engine and tranny is very strong. and is a very good project car to either boost it, or naturally aspirated.

Im just looking to trade this car plus cash on my end for another teggy that has a turbo, or comes with a whole complete turbo setup thats not installed yet.