sensei front bumper

i am about to order the sensei front bumper and i was wondering does anyone here have ot alreday on their gen 2, if so do the front supports for the bumper have to be altered or cut to install properly? thanks

did u get it from extreme dimensions?. i love that bumper. i have the money for it but ive heard that extreme dimensions is shit and it dont fit. i was lookin for a replica but couldnt find one.(anyone know?) anyways if i must get it from extreme dimensions i will and ill have to make it fit. sorry this isnt really a reply i figured id throw it in here rather than starting a new thread. thanks

now i was going to order it from a1motorsports search for him on the forum he has done business with a couple of people and they were pretty satisfied with him. from what i have heard the bumper is a direct fit and no modification is needed.

well im kida torn betwwen the sinsei bumper and the cwest bumper. there was a thread posted about the cwest bumper and i waw the pic and i like that too…the link leads to a pic and the car in the pic is the same color i wanna paint mine and all

have you guys been forced to take off your bumper reinforcments to put on the body kits???