Serious question about LS/VTEC

Everyone says that if you do a half-assed LS/VTEC its useless. Not only do u need the basic things (head, ECU etc.) but u should also do things like water pump, oil pump, etc. My question is this. I f I were to just buy a complete B16A engine, would that give me EVERYTHING to do a correct LS/VTEC? Do the engine swaps come with things like the oil and water pump? I really want to do a LS/VTEC but i cant afford to jack my motor up in the process. Any help would be great.

Check the Teg Tips first.



That was the first place I went but that is only for the very basic LS/VTEC. I want to do mine right. Basically, my only real question is do mst swapscom with everything including waterpump, oil pump,etc.?

Most b16a swaps do come with a water pump and oil pump, however I wouldn’t recommend using either. Replace with new 94-96 gsr units.

I think the big ls/vtec issue revolves (hehe) around revving the stock ls block above the ls redline.

The b16a engine won’t provide you with the crank girdle and stronger rod bolts “some” folks reccomend. The b16a comes with the higher flowing and commonly recommended vtec oil and water pump. But being 12 years old, some dudes say better to put new ones on while its apart.

I don’t see why you can just do a bare bones build and keep the revs below 7k. Won’t be as fast 'cause you won’t be able to take advantage of the vtec/gearing thing, but Chingro seems to be wafing some good cars with his 7k redline.