shake when idle

as the weather gets hotter here in N.Calif., my shaking problem actually gets better. it still shakes at stop light when I step on the brake, but other than that it doesn’t shake like it used to during spring time. what does that imply about the real reason for the shaking? may be air/fuel related? injector? O2 sensor?

what do you mean by shake? does it vibrate a little?? this is normal if you have done anything to the air intake or fuel system. mainly because it is taking in more air/fuel. it is nothing to worry about. unless, it is a major shaking.

it used to shake pretty bad, by that I mean the engine shakes the whole car, and that was when the car was bone stock. I am thinking may be the injectors are not giving enough gas to the engine. or may be the O2 sensor is bad and giving wrong signal to the ECU, causing the car to run lean when idle. just my guess.

hmm…have you checked your motor mounts, mine went out at 60,000 miles.

it could be the motor mounts and it could be that it’s missing real bad.(needs a tune-up?)