Shakey rough idle, sometimes

I have a 93 LS, stock. High kms, but healthy, just had timing belt and water pump done, fuel filter, engine mounts, IACV and throttle body cleaned, idle adjusted, but im still getting a rough idle and the engine still shakes the car a bit on idle only. Two of my engine mounts were totally shot, so they’re now new, the other two I’ve checked out and they’re solid as.

The revs drop a bit when i come to a set of lights, or stop to park, but usually sit at ~750.

Seems to struggle starting when its been driven an hour or so too. It has new leads and plugs.

Any thoughts? The car runs great though. Ill eventually stick a K20 if the prices come down in a few years, otherwise B20 turbo. So im not going to throw money at the engine, but would be nice to figure it out. Im sure its something common, im just not a mechanic or experienced this is any of my cars before.


Fuel injector filter screens ?

Engine off, unbolt fuel rail, unclip injector electrical connections, and remove each injector. Top of each injector is a strain filter type of thing, that can get clogged causing intermittent fuel issues.

Also check the timing.

I was just driving it, thinking it might be that.

Timing belt was just done, and its the same as it was before.


Im also getting a bit of shudder/vibration from the engine when accellerating, seems to be around 3000rpm, and then the higher the revs it smooths out. I took it to my mechanic who wasn’t sure. This has only come about after the timing belt was done, but he said the timing is fine? Im going to get the injectors off and have them cleaned anyway, at least rule that out.

Turned out to be the injectors. Gave them a clean and its all good now.