Shark fin antenna

i’ve searched already there is none, did anyone ever put a shark fin antenna on their DA? Im starting body work and thinking about deleting the antenna and installing a shark fin, suggestions, comments, etc?

are you thinking like shark fin antenna from like a bmw? i say go for it. it will be unique.

Not sure how you would get that to connect to your original antenna?

hmmm, idk i’ll find a way, if nobody on here has that then this would be a first. I was thinking to put it right where the rear windshield sprayer is and maybe make it flush…uhh idk how to put it, make a notch in the back of the antenna so the sprayer fits in…yeah idk yet. ill post pics if anything haha. I’m learning bodywork by myself and while im doing that might as well try it out right, the antenna i have right now is really junk. just bought my da9 for $500 like a week ago

heres the car if anything:

i’ve got a shark fin on my da where the rear washer nozzle was. i can take a pic this weekend. :rockon:

Diiiirty, but as i promised




Looks good, but it sucks that the base is so big

hmm…so is the re-wiring of the antenna hard? mine looks a liiiitle different than that its more like the beamer ones

depending on what connector the bmw’ish one you have has. it could be plug and play from your old antenna.

ah well i got my shark fin from a friend, wanted to do that to his 9th gen corolla but lost interest in that look so i was gonna see how it looked. ill post up pics pretty soon within the day as a test to see how you guys think of it

i dont like it…any opinions?

The stubby one looks better