She starts, she doesn't....

Alright, I just recently picked up a 91 RS 199,000 miles, never wrecked for 400 bucks. It started fine, I drove it home but haven’t been driving it because I have been swapping over the calipers/rotors from my GS and other miscellaneous things including a tune up. Before I did the tune up I went to start it up and pull it in the garage and it wouldn’t start.

It turns but doesn’t start.

If I go away for a bit and come back, it will start sometimes.

I went to check for trouble codes and didn’t get anything, just a short blink, then nothing.

Well I went away, came back later, it started up and I pulled it in the garage, I let it run and it didn’t die, so i am assuming the fuel pump is fine.

I unplugged the fuel pump to relieve the fuel pressure so i could change the fuel filter and as soon as I started it with the pump unplugged it died like instantly. I thought this was weird because my GS ran for a little bit first.

I am wondering if it sounds like a fuel issue or electrical/ignition, and if anyone has any advice/ideas.

Sounds like the mfr. search it and you will see the symptoms are just like most everyones who has had problems. It could also be the igniter in the distrubutor, but my moneys on the mfr

when you check for codes the light should be solid if there are no codes. you said"there is a short blink" which indicates code number 1(o2 sensor) something to think about even thought I dont belive that is what is causing your problem.

I have to agree with J. sounds like a MFR problem

Alright, I have searched through a lot of threads discussing the MFR but I don’t see it fully explained. Some refer to bypassing the MFR. I am using a Haynes manual which isn’t very specific as to what exactly the MFR is and its location. Just wondering how to bypass it and where to get an MFR if it is the problem. My local napa and autozone do not carry the MFR, they do carry a general purpose relay but that is it.

Nevermind, thank you for your help

Its under the drivers side dash, should be a brown relay. The typical way to fix it, is to unplug it, take the top off of it (careful, they can be brittle) and resolder the connections. Since you have it out, clean the contacts of the relay. use fine grit sandpaper (1000 grit should be fine) or a points file if you have one. Just be careful and do not bend the relay tabs.

I was eating ICM’s (commonly called the ignitor) because of my MFR and it not making good connections.

You could also go to a junk yard, and get one. Just make sure to clean it like above before you put it in.

What ended up fixing it? If you answer what happened you could probably help someone in the future if they have a similar problem. The search function only works as good as the answers posted here.


yeah im having the same problem… please tell what fixed it.

some ppl are selling good working mfr’s here in g2ic. try looking

The wiring to the fuel pump was full of gunk.

My integra was used as a quarry car before i got it so it was basically full of dirt until i cleaned it out so the clip to the fuel pump was gull of gunk, also I changed the fuel filter and the fuel line that feeds into the fuel rail. I haven’t had any problems since then.