Shift linkage issues

Alright the car has a new skunk2 short shifter and es bushings. For some reason some idiot decided to use and bolt rather then the bitch pin.
The shifter in netural sits towards the passengers seats casuing 1st and 2nd to be dead center on the console.
Underneath i can position the shifter by hand to the correct position but when i let it go of the shift rod. The shift rod and the gear selector rod into the trans tilt back to this off center position.
Wondering what can to get this back to normal?

i think maybe the shift linkage is bent or out of position if it returns back to the same side

I just think its something to do with the dumb bolt when im holding it where it connects to the trans and let it go it just slumps back to the side and move the shift rod in the trans with it.

Sounds no good.

If there’s too much slop(looseness in the pivot joint) the shifter can bind. If the rod is flipped or possibly out of another car thats why it wont line up properly. I used a 94-01 shift linkage for a quick minute…worked but the placement was off. I ended up buying the newlinkage from Del ray acura and it was only $55…worth every penny… shifts so much cleaner.

I think im just going to order a new linkage and all new parts and take apart the trans and replace the shift rod with a new one and run the bitch pin. since the hole that was drilled is not straight.