shift linkage

I need help on shift linkage removal asap.

I have been told how to do it but I guess I am not very bright. I have been told to remove the boot at the tranny and should see a hole and punch out pin. When I removed the boot I seen that there is a plastic/hard rubber cap/nipple. Do I have to remove that as well? Every one I have talked to said they have no idea what I am talking about. So here are a few pix, so can some one please help me out. I have a guy coming to p/u the shell tomorrow and need the motor and tranny out asap. This is my only hang up.

You see where you have it labeled, ‘no pin, hole goes straight thru’? That actually is the ‘bitch pin’ that must be punched out.

You can also remove the tranny with that end of the linkage still attached, I did when I replaced my clutch.

yeah I figured it out. When people were saying remove the bushing you’ll see the pin. Well there was no bushing there only the one on the end at the tranny itself. But I got that bitch out with no prob. once my dumb ass realized that was the pin…lol