Shift linkage.

I’ve searched around and was unable to find a solid answer. Will a dc2/dc4 integra shift linkage fit my 91 da9? I’m replacing my clutch and flywheel soon, and I would like to know if this linkage is a direct bolt on. I will be replacing my transmission as well with an obd1 Ls cable tranny. I Appreciate the help.

Yes it is a direct bolt on. I have a JDM Type-R shifter and linkage on my car as we speak.

Thanks for the info, I asks this same question on Honda-tech and was told I would have to cut the dc2 linkage in order to keep the shifter in the oem position. Would a regular 94-00 LS/RS linkage differ than a dc2 (type r/Gsr)?

i have 94 gsr in my da if fits and give more clearance on my integra

More clearance? How so?