Shift solenoid test

I have been looking for over an hour for this test. So don’t hate on me for posting it again. I am 80% sure my shift solenoids on the tranny are shot. I did the test months ago and they failed. I had an oppurtunity to pick up some from the junkyard well for free. I want to check them before I bother putting them on. Can someone help me find the post or post the ohm test on here for me. I appreciate the help! Thanks

I found it

Nevermind I found it in one of my other books laying around here. Since this post is up let me know if anyone else needs it and I will post it

Could you please post it. My dad’s car isn’t shifting and I’d like to know how to test the solenoids. Thanks.

I can tell you how to check them on a 92 teg. I wouldn’t think a 90 would be much different. YOU WILL NEED A VOLT METER First see if you can locate the shift solenoids. Mine are on the top front of the transmission. You don’t really need to get to them, but you need to locate the two plugs just above them. Unplug one. Turn the volt meter to ohms. I set mine on 200 but it just depends on the meter you got. Then take the black wire from the volt meter and touch it to the negative battery terminal, then take the positve one and touch the tab inside the plug. There are two tabs in each plug. Each tab should read between 12 and 25. IF it is over or under then they are not good. Now plug that one back in then do the other one.

NOTE: When this was happening to me. The first time I checked them they were good, but my s3 was not blinking. So the next time the light was blinking I checked them and they were reading 50 something ohms NOT GOOD! I am going to replace mine temporarily til I swap in my new motor.

do u do this with the ignition on but car not running or?