Shifter lever bushings?

So I have the sloppy shifter problem, when it’s in or out of gear, it will wobble side to side. I’ve read on here that it’s most likely the shifter lever o-rings. I couldn’t find any O-rings, but I did find a few other parts.

This is one of a few things contributing to less than desirable shifts. especially going into 3rd. It used to be fine, but not so much any more. Soo…

Is this the part I need:

Or maybe this one:

Or am I on the wrong track? Any help would be appreciated.


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Had this for 5 years now and solid as ever, good price too.

You’re links have nothing to do with what you’re looking for.

Sorry contestant #1; that’s not the answer we were looking for.
Those are the shifter stabilizer bushings. They have already been upgraded to poly type. That has helped somewhat, but it’s not the root of the problem.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the main cause is the shift extension rod:

I’m trying to go through everything before getting the shifrt rod. Even if the shift rod is the culprit, upgrading the other tired ass, 15 yr old bushings can’t hurt.


Corniest quote ever: “Get yours today! JDM is IN!”

here’s a pic of all the stuff. if u searched u prolly would’ve found more threads regarding this issue.

you’ll need #3,4, 24, tighten 23 & 25 pretty good and bit more than snug after u replace those bushings. that’ll fix a good amount of the slop but the boots #7, 12 are very important cuz even if those other bushings are replaced, with like the ones that come with aftermarket short shifters, those boots will still give u play cuz thats what holds the shift lever steady within the cabin. #19 and stuff, basically what comes in the ES shifter bushing kit should be bought and installed too as well if u don’t have it already since u’ll be working on that stuff anyways.

Thank you.

Yeah, I’ve seen that diagram recently, but as I stated initially, I read on here it was the o-rings, & did not know which pieces those were or where they were; whether on the shift lever itself, or around it. I did search, but after a few days w/ no concrete answers, I made a thread.

I suppose if I were to buy a new shift lever from Hondacura, that those o-rings would come w/ it? If so I might as well get the typeR/GSR shifter I was going to get w/ the 94-01 shift extension rod. (#14 on the diagram)

#7 & #12 are dust seals. The “boot” is just a covering over the top dust seal. I will look into those nonetheless. Good 'ol service manual.

If the seals are so important, wouldn’t the “change ball holders” be just as important? Maybe I should get the shift lever, ext. rod, dust seals, & ball holders. (huh huh)


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the o-rings you’re asking about come on the steel insert (#5) but everything in between the dust caps (#4left to #4right) are available in a rebuild kit. I bought the kit for my CRX, it’s a few bucks. I don’t have the part # though, sorry. It will only fix some of the slop. I also have the ES poly bushing kit, and a new shift linkage. The slop is still there. Reduced a lot, but still there.

get the 3’s,4’s,5,13, 24’s. I just put this in a week ago and my shifter used to be sloppy as hell but now its nice and tight! i put ES “shifter stabilizer bushings” in before this and it didn’t do much, but with this combo now i LOVE IT!!

Bushing part #

OK, so I called the local Acura dealership & got the part #s. Then I went on (Del Ray Acura) & got prices. Here they are:

1…washer A thrust x2 part# 54105-SH3-010 @ $2.74
2…washer B thrust x2 part# 54106-SH3-003 @ $2.74
3…Collar RR joint x1 part# 54117-SH3-000 @ $9.20
4…bushing RR joint x1 part# 54107-SH3-003 @ $2.62
5…o-ring (11x1.9) (NOK) x4 part# 91303-HA0-004 @ $0.84

Total cost @ Del Ray is $35.09 shipped. Check this, I even got a checkout page ready for you:

One thing I’m still wondering, if I get the GSR or Type R shifter ( they call it a change lever) from Acura, will it come w/ the bushings & such; or would I still need these parts?


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One thing I’m still wondering, if I get the GSR or Type R shifter ( they call it a change lever) from Acura, will it come w/ the bushings & such; or would I still need these parts?

Went down to the dealership today for an unrelated part, & asked them. They said…

No. If you get the gsr (or any shifter) from Acura it DOES NOT come w/ the bushings & collars inside the shift lever. Those are extra. This is my local dealership anyway.


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hey guys, my da drives fine but when i shift throughout the gears, i could move the shifter left to right…was wondering what my problem is…but this doesn’t effect my driving. i was told to just get a short-shifter or something with my bushings


That’s what we’re talking about. Get the bushings & collars mentioned above.
Just grab them from the link I posted. They’re about the cheapest price around.

You may also want to get the shifter stabilizer bushings. They are pictured in an above post. They don’t really fix what you’re experiencing, but they help. You’ll get a “gated” feel from them. (once the other problem is fixed.)

Lastly, you may need the “Change Lever Extension” or shifter linkage. It’s #14 on the diagram above. This solves a magority of the problem. If the shifter bushings/collar don’t completely fix it, this will “finish it off.” It’s about $70 shipped from the link I told you about. The 94-01 linkage is a bit heavier, resulting in better shifts.

BTW- If you do get a short shifter, get the OEM GSR or Type R shifter. It’s an OEM Honda short shifter. The only difference in GSR & Type R is that the Type R is polished, the GSR is black.


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a short shifter is a short shifter unless its from egay. i got a b&m one myself, but i’ve felt how a gsr one is and it felt ok, but not solid and firm. isn’t bad for stock tho.

I know this thread is about 6 months old, but I had the same problem. I rebuilt the u-joint that goes into the transmission. The was massive slop. It was completely shot. When the car was in gear I could wiggle the shifter like it was in neutral. Its almost perfect now. I just think I need to replace that plastic thing that goes on the ball part of the shift lever. I’m posting the u-joint rebuild soon.

Shifter u-joint rebuild posted. I suggest anyone with shifting issues also check this out.