shifter question

what up. just trying to figure out if a G3 shifter will fit in a G2. thanks.

with some modification…yes

anything is possible with a brain and modification

not true. You cannot decrease chaos in a closed system. Example - you can’t take a log that has been burned and make it a tree again.

i think i was just talking cars

what kind of modification would u have to do? and does fit perfectly or does it look retarded?

its cuz i want to put the ITR shifter in my DA thanks.

You just need to cut off some material, then it’ll fit just fine. Here are some pics:

Pic 1: DA shifter on the left, modified DC shifter on the right

Pic 2: DA shifter top, DC shifter in the vice ready to be cut

Pic 3: DA shifter, B&M for DA, DC shifter on the right

Now I noticed you mentioned the itr shifter. I have a hunch the g3 gsr and itr shifters are the same, but I don’t have any proof. So, using an itr shifter with DA linkage may be different than I’ve shown.

thanks colin dat helped a lot.

the B&M will have a much shorter throw than the G3/ITR judging by that pic.
thats why people complain that aftermarket shifters rub against the heat shield, it sticks down about an inch more than oem.
i have the pro version, too bad it doesnt have the bend in it…

awesome pics, thx!

Pic 1: OEM G3 Gsr shifter
Pic 2: OEM ITR Shifter out of a 98’ DC2

They look pretty different to me. Looks like the ITR shifter has shorter throws.

my g3 shifter fit w/o mod

^^ It fit in the DA stock shift linkage?

Either way I’m going to be doing the shifter/linkage swap probably next week.

^^sorry, i dont want to be misleading. mine is a G3 STYLE shifter, not a shifter FROM a G3. dont wanna give any bum advise. just ignore me :bow: