Shifting problem is back.

Well, after i adjusted the clutch cable per my mechanic’s instructions, it started working like before. But today going to work, i found it hard to put it in 1st or any other gear for that matter when i come to a full stop. But once i get it in gear, it will go into all the gears with no problems at all. What do you guys think is the problem now? Should i just adjust my cable again? TIA.

hmm go ahead and replace the clutch cable…i had the same problem with my EF…i would have to constantly re adlust the cable…so i replaced it with a new one…and the problem never came back

Hey thanks, would you happen to know how much and how to do it? Just wanna know before i jump in and try to do something i can’t hehe.

well if i remeber right my cable cost around 40bux(and that was for an integra cable) and the labor was very easy simply remove the cable from the pedal and pull it through the firewall…then remove it from the tranny…and pop the new back in …very easy and straightforward…oh yeah…one more thing you may want to replace it soon…mine actually broke and its not very fun driving it home in first gear…lol and turning the car off at every redlight :-p

Ok cool cool, thanks for the tips. Did you buy yours off an acura dealer? I hope it’s still 40 bux. Anyway, i don’t wanna drive on 1st all the way home so i’ll replace it asap. Thanks.

i actually purchased mine from a local autoparts store…because they had it in stock and the dealer had to order it…go figure :slight_smile: but the price for the acura one was only 5-10 dollars more