Shifting problem

I have a 92 gsr with I/H/E, lightweight flywheel, stg 3 clutch , and short shifter. The problem is somtimes during very high revs while shifting into third gear it grinds. It drives great during low speed , very smooth, just when I’m doggin it it does this . I’ve already changed the fluid… Any ideas?


same thing happens to me goin into second above 4000 RPMs

I was having this problem, But now my shit went out.
Pedal dropped to the floor, and hard getting into gears.
I already changed my MTF, but that only helped so much.

I’ll be installing a new clutch and fly next weekend.
If I find out what’s wrong, I’ll update.

id say that you can pretty much kiss your tranny goodby. you should be able to drive with it for a while but its just a matter of time till you will be replacing it for good. btw Louie55 before you post anymore maybe you should read the :rules: ie.
If you see a thread that YOU KNOW FOR A FACT has been posted before and answered, do not answer the person’s question. Instead, reply with a link to the thread that you’ve seen before. (It does not makes sense to reply, instructing the person to run a search only, because then there will be many threads with “RUN A SEARCH” and no answers.) We need to cut down on repititive threads, which are just a result of people who are too lazy to run a search of the forums. If a person says that they did search but still needs more information, that is okay.


Well I did do a search but everyone out there says to run gm syncromesh to solve my problem but I wanted to go into a little more depth maybe like just replacing third gear and its syncro. Just cause one gear is giving you trouble dosent mean the entire transmission is shot.

synrco mesh does wonders

There used to be a lot of talk about 3rd gear grinds, but as I recall, the 3rd gear set costs something like $650 USD.
I think your best bet is to TRY the syncromesh, and if that doesn’t do it, start looking around for a good used transmission… maybe one with a cracked housing that you could swap the gears out of.

I’ve got a transmission in my wrecked 92 RS which I am planning to sell. I haven’t gotten around to pulling it yet though. The 3rd gearset only has 29k miles on it – I can offer you documentation as proof.

The transmission itself however has some bearing go bad, but still drives and shifts perfectly. I’d be willing to sell it on the cheap side, though I’ll bet shipping it would be a bitch.

most of the time its the syncohos

first i would try syncomesh first

if problem is still there

it can be tranny or clutch(9/10 its tranny)

the 1/10 is the clutch
if its old and beated on and one of the springs pop loose then it will grind all high rpms

i noticed it grinded bad when doing some mts

after the clutch…perfect tranny again:P

Alright I’ll try the syncromesh and hope that fixes it and if that don’t work I guess it’s time for a new tranny… My clutch is new just put it in last week.

Last week, Damn.

Mine’s got over 200K on my engine and clutch, so I’m hoping it’s just the clutch, etc.
Syncromesh didn’t work for me.

yeah gsrracer i wasnt refering to you i was refering to the reply telling you to search