shock installation

im thinking about getting some new shocks pretty soon, either the tokiko blues or the kyb gr-s’s. im leaning towards the gr-2’s…is that a good choice?? i was wondering if anyone can give me some step by step installation instructions…along with the tools needed cuz i dont really want to spend money on the install. thanks

on what springs? i had skunk2 lowering springs (2.5") on kyb gr-2s and it was very very comfortable with the added handling of a lowered car with a little negative camber :smiley:


(not sure about the bolt sizes but i think its 10mm, 12mm, and 17mm).
(this is for the front, if you can do the front, the back is self explanatory)
jack up the car
take the wheel off
undo the 2 bolts connecting the brake line
undo the bolt from the lower fork
undo the bolt at the top of the lower fork
get something to bang down on the fork
move the fork out of the way
undo the 2 nuts from under the hood that connect the shock cap (or whatever its called) to the body of the car
maneuver the shock from out of its normal position
if you are careful you dont need a spring compressor…
undo shock, take spring and put it on new shock
reverse steps

Helms is your friend

thanks 90gs. ill try it when i get them…so we dont need a spring compressor to install shocks?

maybe this’ll help:


You also need a 14mm socket for the damper pinch bolt (just took my Koni’s out today to lower the front perch setting). It’s not terribly hard if have the tools and the experience. If not the experience, you at the very least need the tools and the Helm’s manual. The first time I did it, it took me like two days (mostly because I managed to pull apart my passenger side CV axle). Now I can do it in a couple hours. Oh, and air tools are God’s gift to car guys. That, and beer.

Read Ben’s article too. But definitely don’t do it without the Helm’s manual by your side. If you get stuck, it can save your ass!

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oh yeah heh, i put that step in the process, but didnt say the right size i guess… “top of the lower fork” :shrug:

u can also try
they have a tech care link that will show step by step with pics of spring/shock install. its pretty easy, the onlything that will slow you down are the damn seized bolts

CLUB integra, damn i’d seen that article before and have been scouring team integra for weeks trying to find it! hahahahha

Yes use a spring compressor!

A $40 Craftsman spring compressor is better than a trip to the Emergency Room in my opinion. If you use the Craftsman one, you may have to us a mallet to get the “hooks” into the coils so you can compress the spring. At least that’s what I had to do on my ef. I am sure the teg coils are spaced a little farther apart.

yes here are things you do NOT do with a spring!

(1) use a towel to hold the end cap and let the bolt shoot off (like the teg tip, no! NO!)
(2) put the shock assembly between 2 tires so the bolt ricochets off the rubber (like the thing on club integra. no!)

on the team integra tutorial there is a video of the guys doing this without a spring compressor and the hardware shot THROUGH A WALL. guys, at sears a pair of spring compressors is fucking $25. once you buy a pair you’ll always have them and your friends can borrow yours.

DA and EF springs arent that compressed. Ive done like 30 shocks/springs and have always just used a rattle gun and some free means to hold the spring. The best one is where we put a towel over the spring/hat and then put a box in front of the nut. the we use the air gun to take off the nut and then the then the spring pops a little, the nut and gun hit the box, and the shock shoots out the back like a foot.

Im not saying do it cause if youre a moron then you could hurt yourself, but if you are smart about it you can take them apart quickly, safely and free.


FYI for anyone doing a drop in the future. harbor freight tools sells a spring compressor for about 10 bucks. I used it and it worked just fine for hte oem springs at least.