Short ram heat shield?

Hey, I am getting an AEM short ram intake for the Teg. (Please dont bother to try and talk me out of it or say Im wasting money etc)

As we all know, short rams are in the engine bay and there is some controversy on whether or not the added heat hurts performance. The air temperature is reduced to near ambient in motion, but some still have thier doubts.

I noticed a “Polished heat shield” that can be sold for a discount with the intake. It seems a bit gimmicky, but also I have read threads in which people try to create their own heat sheilds so maybe it would serve a purpose.

Has anyone ever gotten a similar product? Would this serve a legitamite purpose or be a waste of money? It would be pretty cheap, 13 bucks.

there is no controversy really if people have searched. there were tests conducted on showing the temperature difference. the heat hurting performance is an issue only when the car is at idle(stopped). if people have their doubts, then they are concentrating too much on the intake system where it is only a small part of an engine upgrade, rather than focusing on the whole engine upgrade as a package and making sure all components work together in harmony. heat should be the least of yours or their worries. more importantly is the design of the intake and how it relates to the hp build up and what the car is used for.

it would be pointless and a waste of money.

that sheild won’t do anything to block out heat or hot air if it is a concern. hot air will get to the filter regardless as there is air all around the filter.

even IF it does help in some sort of way, i seriously doubt you will be able to tell at all.

Thank you for the reply.

I had searched extensively and know that you have always insisted that heat is not an issue, I only asked because there were a few other posters who had different opinions as well. Although I see now that it is clear you know what you’re talking about, so I will definately pass on the shield. Thanks again.

i think the battery is a good enough shield :burnout: