Short ram or CAI? Post opinions

im getting a short ram polished crome intake for like $38… i dont want to spend like $210 for an aem cai.

so is a short ram worth it?
i think its like obx or some other not top of the pyramid name brand


That’s really cheap for the short ram intake. I bought my short ram intake 2 years ago and I liked it, but now I want a CAI. For me, a new AEM is too expensive, so I’m getting a HP Racing CAI or some other cheaper kind.

For any intake, I don’t think the brand matters. The AEM is ceramic coated which is supposed to make a little difference, and their intakes are apparently designed for each car.

But I think they’re all just tubes with filters on the end, so I’d but a cheaper CAI.

Write a product review post if you get the CAI.

i got a DCP SR intake, i love it, dyno’d like a 3.4 to wheels