short shifter

I just had a few questions about short shifters…i know they reduce throw but are they also shorter than stock…i want my shifter to be a little lower cause its too tall…also how hard are they to install…cause i dont want too much hassle…is this somethin i can do in my driveway with some jackstands…thanks in advance

they are shorter on top, roughly 1.5"-2" usuall, so your knob will sit lower to the boot

its not real difficult to install, you’ll have to take the exhaust off which is probably the hardest part, getting the rusted bolts loose, but here is a step by step how to with pics

you can even make your own ,which i did over 2 years ago, and i havent had any problems at all with it

I don’t know how much different my teg is than my 89 hatch I had, but when I installed my b&m dual bend on my hatch, I didn’t even have to take off my exhaust, just worked around it. A little bit of a pain in the ass, but manageable. Actually, my dad said my short shifter just came in the mail back home. He’s probably gonna install it himself and he’s 50, so you should be able to do it no problem.

if you have the heat shield still on, it is very hard to install the shifter without dropping the exhaust. without the heat shield you might be able to pull it off.

ditto on that, the heatsheild is right in the way, it would be next to impossible to do with out taking exhaust off, most of the bolts that hold it up are right above the exhaust so you would have to remove the exhaust to get the heatsheild out anyways. it would make it far easier to just drop the exhaust(i recommend at the header/cat bolts) they are generally a little easier to get out.