short shifter

i want to know your opinions on short shifters, like which one you have, how much you like or dislike it, and a pic of it installed if you could post one. Im looking to buy one soon because the one i have is garbage.

Thanks alot, Nick.

i am currently using a b&m(although no specs) with stock shift knob. feels amazing…are the bushings all bad or you dont like the length of throw?

I have a skunk 2 no bend short shifter with a EK shift knob. It kicks ass it’s not that short length wise but has a super short throw. I want a dual bend IMO it’s more comfortable.

wel, my bushings are brand new, what im looking for is an extremely short throw, and a good amount of height reduction, im posted this to see if anyone can open up my options.

if you search it…you will find it. Btw, TWM Performance makes the best short shifter in my opinion.

I have a skunk 2 dual bend with skunk 2 weighted knob. I like it, no complaints it brings the shifter into a more comfortable position. The actually shift knob height probably isn’t much lower than stock though. If you want lots of height reduction I wouldn’t get a dual bend shifter.

Yea I was already looking at twm for a while now, I think I’m gunna go with them, I was just wondering what you guys had and your feelings on the one you guys got to make my final descision.

Thanks, Nick.

if u’re looking for the greatest height reduction then TWM is the best way to go, especially the stage 2 single bend short shifter.

yea, thats the exact one i was looking at.

Perhaps I am not grasping this. But I dont understand how these make the throw of the shift shorter, would you have to change something in the linkage to do that?

my short shifter:

nice whoami!!!

i have the b&m. i like it

nice shifter whoami but…gotta read the OP’s post, he wants the SHORTEST short shifter, not TALLEST.

haha I know…sorry it was a tasteless joke.

my car had a short shifter at one time, before i got it, when i get it it was broken and the guy had just stuck the knob on it. so after the first time i tried to snatch 3rd and slamed my fist into the change pocket. i went and got an knock off knob with the set screws. my actual knob sits just above where the boot comes up to. the top of my knob sits about and inch or so above where whoami’s boot sits.
ill get some pictures of it tonight for you.