Short sitting short shifter

Im looking for a short shifter and I want one that sits low, meaning that the shifter itself is short, not just the throw.

Anyone recomend one to me?


just make your own, you can make it as short as u want, as long as it still sticks up enough to put a knob on it

Isnt there some reason that your not suposed to do that? Otherwise why would everyone buy a 80 dollar short shifter…

i did mine about 2 years ago, and its just fine. i did it the exact same way it says, took 2inches out, put the 2in peice below the pivot ball and it works fine, i had to remove the heatshield but you’ll have to do that with any short shifter just about.

i mean you can go on ebay or where ever and get one but it is the same concept

ive got a dc dual bend short shifter. ill get the part number when i get home. but the package did not say for a 90-93 integra but i used it anyways. with a newer integra knob its very very low with a type r knob the knob is slightly lower than if you were to pull the boot all the way up.

somebody posted an extremely low one, might have been in the evasive motorsports thread. was like $125, but it was short. at least 4 inches shorter than stock

Evasive Motorsports makes one that sits lower. Its pretty beefy and inexpensive, too. I owned one, but then went with a ITR linkage.

Ok i wanna clear this up cause i feel bad for the ppl who have to explain themself! Short shifter means the height of the shifter and short throw shifters are shorter throws in the shift usually a short shifter is also a short throw shifter! and for pirate just make ur own like white teggy said im doing mine once i go back to school! Love the auto shop n metal shop :rockon:

just get a b&m dual bend. i have one and it is great