Shotpeening, what is that?

I was wondering if it is worth it to just shotpeen the stock ls rods or get aftermarket. How much will it cost. Does the itr or ctr come shotpeened stock? Can i use those? Right now i’m revving to 8 k on the ls motor, i know its bad but the chipped ecu helped. anyways later i plan on going turbo, what do you guys think? or should i just stay stock till the motor blows then do a whole build up?

Since your going turbo I would go with aftermarket rods. Shotpeening is something like sandblasting but instead of sand small metal beads are used. This process smothes the surface of the metal and reduces the chance of the rod getting a stress fracture. Around here it cost around $80 to have it done. A better thing to do to stock rods is to replace the bolts with ARP’s.

get eagle rods…there cheap. But if not shotpeening is as he said, redices the stress risers from the rod