Should it be costing me $430??

Should it be costing me $430 to have a crankshaft seal, cam seals and a new timing belt put on? I got this news today and my heart hurts. Heartattack due any minute now. :wtf: I also got the news that my rear main seal is screwed and will be an additional $400 to be replaced if I decide to do it. :wtf: Anyhow, what do you guys think? Am I getting ripped or is this normal?



if you are gettin it done at a reputable shop, then yes it is well worth it. its also worth it if you dont know how to do this yourself. now if its some dude just doing it then i say no. that rear main seal is so much cuz you got to drop the tranny and flywheel to get to it. around here shops charge about 325 just for the timing belt. while your in there you should also change the tensioner and the water pump.

Yep. We charged close to that at Honda. Thats about right. Change the water pump and tensioner too. Also, the reason the rear main is so much is because the tranny and clutch has to be removed. Sucks.

Thanks guys, your words just dropped my blood pressure back to normal. :chill: :shy: Ill call them tomorrow and see how much extra a tensioner/water pump will be. Any other things(if money permits) that should be replaced while theyre in there?

Thanks again


Might as well get a new clutch and flywheel/resurfaced flywheel. Unless you feel like spending an additional 300-400 later when you need to replace it.

The labor is what costs so much. Like everyone else said that is a normal price. I agree that you should replace the water pump, tensioner clutch & pressure plate while it is all apart. They will add on more labor for the tensioner,water pump and resurfacing the flywheel. If you supply the parts and they are cool, they won’t charge extra to for the clutch and pressure plate as they both have to come off to get to the rear seal.

Hi. They are going to let me do these repairs in segments and are gonna try an oil treatment to reseal the rear main seal. I told them thats cool but after I get this first repair paid up, im just gonna have them drop it and put a new seal, clutch etc.

So basically im looking at around 430-470(parts included) to get the oil off my timing belt, the front of my engine sealed up tight, and a new water pump and tensioner. Then an additional 400 to replace the back seal plus clutch and flywheel.

How do you guys feel about this oil treatment? Surely it cant be a very strong seal or permanent? I had planned to boost the engine, but with seals going like this, I think I better just drive the thing like it is.

Thanks for the info guys. Id be even more bad off without this site. If I make it through this, MantisX is learning the B18A1 in and out :burnout:


Hey, with all that money, you should be looking into B16As instead. I know I would. I’d wing it, and save my money for a new motor. Cuz like everyone says, it’s the labor that’s killing your wallet, and not the parts.
Besides I think doing a motor swap is alot easier than fixing A motor.