's great service

I am sure that i have posted this in the wrong forum so i am sorry jsut didn’t know where to put it.

I wanted to pass along to everyone in this club the outstand service that has given me in the last couple days. They have also agreed to offer wholesale prices on everything on their site. When you want to order something from them send an email to Daryl at Daryle is who i have been dealling with over the last couple days and has given remarkable service and quick replies to my messages. I just wanted to pass that on so everyone can get better prices on the products they need.


What service did you get from them? Do they revalve Konis?

sorry what i ment was by “service” was customer service. They went out of there way, in my opinion, to help me and the rest of us out with great deals.

you will have to contact them about the koni’s but i do know they sell koni’s so they might know what you should do with them?