Side marker wiring (constant and blink)

Hey guys, i was just wondering how i can wire up side markers to stay on constant when the parking lights are on but then blink when i signal? Can someone help me out please? Anyone does this before? Also if anyone in the S. California Area (714? around there?) wants to help me install the markers, I’ll be more than willing to let you. :slight_smile: I’m scared of cutting up my car. Also i still havent actually gotten the side markers. If anyone’s selling please contact me. (either DA or DC markers are fine)


A few answers for your questions…

Hey guys, i was just wondering how i can wire up side markers to stay on constant when the parking lights are on but then blink when i signal? Anyone does this before?

If you wire them to the two bulbs on the corner lights you’ll make them stay on all the time and blink when you turn. I did this on my Teg about a month ago. As for you cutting up your car, I was scared as well. I didn’t have the necessary tools, all I used was a drill and the pliers…don’t ask…the wholes looked horrible :uhoh: , but thanx to the tips from some of the member when I searched, (hint hint) I was able to measure out where they were going to go and how to wire them. Hope this helps out some.

Splice right into the corner light that does exactly what you described. If you have 1pcs, then you can use male connectors that fit right into the harness, since you don’t use that one anymore for the 1pcs.

thanks for the help! now i just need to pick up some side markers. and where exactly can i get the male harness to connect to the corner, and yes i have one pieces but i havent installed them. i’m just going to make this one project day and do everything.

  1. install the one piece
  2. install side markers
  3. rewire fog lights has OEM sidemarkers. and has OEM style but clear.

Male connectors can be found almost anywhere they sell electrical supplies like Home Depot, Kragen Radio Shack, etc.


This thread is the exact one i was looking for; “Side Marker Wiring - constant or blink”; but there are no specific instructions as to which wires to splice into which wires? If anyone can answer that it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I took the red wired connector that went to the signal light behind the orange reflector in the corner light(USDM) and put that bulb in as the corner light on the one pieces. If you dont have one pieces you can splice into that line and run the side markers off of that. some suggest that you run a separate relay for it, but it has been fine for me. my side markers stay on with the headights and then blink when i signal.

All you have to do is expose the wire and pigtail your side marker into each line. (black-black) and color-color) do not mix these up. tape it up and you are good to go

my sidemarkers stay on constantly. as long as my car is runing they are on AND the blink. but i wired them the correct way. they are the way they are because something is wrong with my ICU i believe. so ha.

when you order them and it says includes pigtails…is this the wiring used to run off the signal lights? or do you have to buy a separate harness/wiring

you have pig tails so u can purchase wiring and clip it into thepigtail. basically you will still need to extend the wiring either down to your bumper, or to your corner light.

no other harnesses are needed, but you do need to get splicers at kragen or autozone for $5 or so…