side Skirts...

I want to put some side skirts on my DA. Just wondering if there are any stock applications I can use with out fabing the hell out of them… If not, any sugestions on something sleek and not gaudy?

mugen replicas are about as clean and sleek as you are gonna get, wings west makes them and maybe some others. I think Vis makes the mugen replicas in CF too

I heard the DC2 skirts will fit. Is this true?

Yes they will. But theres also some cutting needed to make those fit also. Theres pics of them on a G2 somewhere on here.

trying to be constructive here and not b*tch…there are many OEM skirts that will fit (and look nice), with slight modification. this has been covered MANY times here. pleeaase search.

^ Not many of them flow well with the body lines of the 2nd Gen Integras, nor are they typically paired with matching front lip and rear skirt.
I have to co-sign h8crime’s suggestion on this one.