Simple question about fog light glare guards

…which part exactly ARE they? I have the assembly out right now, and I’m wondering if that silver piece that you see when you look straight inside from the back (where the bulb goes in) is the glare guard…and if I break that whole piece and get it out?? Is that it?

yeah it’s that big metal piece inside the housing that the bulb sits behind when you put the bulb harness in. it’s held in there by two screws on both ends which is where you’ll want to focus on if you plan on breaking it off instead of pulling the lense off.

All right that’s what I thought…does anyone have suggestions as to how to fit it out that hole? It just seems almost impossible…

did you break it off the two ends yet? what i did was use a pair of pliers and twisted it until it could squeeze through

I started to then I got worried I wouldn’t be able to fit it out the hole…is it really that easy to bend once you get it out of the two supports? do you have aim?

actually, it was easier with the supports still intact. just start bending and twisting the metal shield around until it’s folded into a smaller shape. use the two supports as leverage while doing it and eventually it’ll be good enough shape to work out of the housing.

Thanks for the help, I finally got them out…I also cleared my bumper lenses the teg tip way - I dont see why anyone would BUY clear lenses when you can do that for free!!! (Mine are actually painted but I just wanted to do it to see how easy it was)

nice job

glad i could help :up: