.....simple question for all you suspension gurus

I’ve finally received my tokico blues performance set with tokico 1 inch lowering springs. yeah, kinda conservative :rofl: Will I need to slice up my bumpstops for a 1-1.5 inch drop? and can I install the new shocks/struts/springs without putting the stock dust covers back on them?

yeah, i searched; and i’m still not enlightened:dead:

I don’t think that you should “slice up” your bumpstops, but they made need to be trimmed slightly. Remember that the bumpstop is actually a spring of sorts and is matched with the original spring/shock.

If you want to gain a better understanding of “bumpstops” read this. It’s pretty good info.

The stock dust covers are a good idea if possible, but they may not fit depending on what you use. It will still function noramlly without the covers.

What could happen if you remove the dust cover? Like what are the negative effects of this.