single din flip out screen in ashtray slot

So I bought a Clarion NZ500 HU on boxing day. Got and amazing deal! but that another story. installed it in the top din slot and it worked kind…It was slightly slanted down which was bothering me (seems to be a very common problem) and have now installed it in the bottom slot(same problem). I had an ideal today to just pull out ashtray and lighter and install the deck there. I was wondering if anyone has done this or not? If so how difficult was it and what advice can ya give me…lol…anyways if you haven’t but have suggestions I am all ears. I will be undertaking the project on Friday since I have no class YAAY! long weekends all semester! so I figure Friday is gonna be my work on teg day :stuck_out_tongue:

here is some pics of current installation if this helps…

well progress has began no one seems to have anything to say…should I post progress or just leave it? anyone care to see the progress?…I see a few view thats why Im asking…

Well personally I dont have any Ideas for this. Usually if I wanted a screen, I’d get something that covers the whole double din. Other then that, I’d like to see your progress.

that was my original ideal walking into the store on boxing day…but this thing was too good of price to pass up…job completed (turned out awesome!) just need to head to auto wrecker tomorrow to find a pouch or something to fill the hole…will post pics of progress later and finished product tomorrow gotta go for dinner with girl right now…

I actualy removed the 2 vents above the climate control and put my tv in there i loved it there never hada problem with it there n neva saw anyone with it there either

yea I saw that a few people have done that it just seemed to obvious to outside people for my comfort…

Any one have an Ideal of a car that would have a storage compartment about the size of the stupid hole in my dash now?

first auto wrecker search turned up nothing…stupid me when there in slip on shoes not taking in the fact there is 3 feet of snow on the ground…

Anyways here is pics of progress

Tools used so far:

Booster Juice and flask of Scotch
Makita cordless drill ( if your going to buy a cordless don’t look at anything but Makita there WELL worth the money I cant use other drills now cause they feel cheap and breakable)
Self Taping screws
small screws for side of deck
L brackets

Got dash and everything pulled apart

test fit

Cut astray off of stock bracket

Back of bottom storage unit I mounted the peice that holds up the back of the deck from the stereo dash kit to well hold up the deck…:stuck_out_tongue:

Had to make a trip to the local hardware store this was my interior when I drove there

L brackets to mount the deck to the metal area around the stereo bay…

How it looks so far…

maybe one of the double din block off plates

Yea I have thought about that…but kinda want to make the area usefull like a storgae compartment of something…ill see how my auto wrecker searchers come up…if nothing block off plate it is…lol

So nothing came out from auto wrecker…sucks going through a wrecker in the winter. I though I had something when I found a pocket from an 08 Kia Sorrento but it stuck out too far creating same prob as before. So I am now left with 3 options:
Either get stock deck and make cover for the clarion
Get a full Din EQ
Or get the Integra block off plate thing…

you could also get the radio install kit at walmart that has the pockets in it. if you want to use the area for storage.

or if you can find a 03 mazda protege they have a storage pocket with a flip up cover. kinda like the glove box.

i just bought myself a 03 mazdaspeed protge. thats how i know this. lol

I have a normal install kit they only have the one pocket and an opening…:S…I may have to try and find a mazda at the wrecker :slight_smile:

you cut your stock harness?

It was cut by the previous owner… :frowning:

And damn they left a mess of the wiring back there as you can see… It took some time to try and figure out what they had done. We never did fully figure it out :S

looks like your aftermarket single din is intruding into your original din space, so getting a double din block off plate isn’t the best route because u’re gonna have to trim/cut it down to make it fit. from the looks of it, you might be able to install 2 stock DA pockets. to make it look more oem, you can install an open honda pocket, and a honda hinged door pocket.

I’ve definitely driven to the store with my front seat looking like that, lol.

I like what you did. I would say get a 7" double-din monitor and hook up a little carputer to it. That would be pretty sweet. Or you could get 4 of those 1/4-din devices that were hot shit in the late 90s. Let’s see, you’ve got the Buddy club digitial gauges, the older VAFCs came in 1/4din size and then the TEIN EDFC. That would take up 1 din worth of space, ha.

I think what would probably look best is a flip up pocket and a regular DA pocket. The 88-91 Preludes came with flip up pockets, I don’t know what else did.

You could also fill that space with regular gauges like oil pressure, oil temperature and water temperature which I suppose would be the most practical thing.

Yea it is slightly to high to have a full double din space. I can always lower it a little farther t make more room. I like the Ideal of the hinged pocket! and awesome so Ludes had them :). I was thinking of doing the quarter din thing with an EQ and whatever else I could find LOL. I would like to go with pockets as my ashtray WAS my parking change holder lol. I am kinda lost without the pocket now. But it has snowed over 3 feet in the last week so I wont be going to the auto wrecker for a while. The project is on hiatus until spring. I have the hole covered with black duct tape(I know its ghetto as hell) but its better then the HUGE hole in my console.

Me and a friend kicked around the ideal of a screen but that seems like it screams steal me! another option I had thought of was getting a stock deck installed and making a cover for the clarion. So many ideals to figure through LOL. I think the lude pocket is one of the highest though that was the original plan but wasn’t able to find a pocket that would work. Anyways I think ill wait till spring and head to the wrecker when its decent outside and see what I can find :).

Loving the ideals though keep em coming. I want this to look pro when its don not some hack job shit. So any ideals help :slight_smile:

An OEM stereo and EQ and then a couple of those Buddy club gauges would look pretty sweet. Or even better (but more thief visible) would be vintage Alpine gear.

Although something like this with 3 gauges and a flip up Prelude box would also be good. Would you want one of those boxes? I have one from my old 88 Prelude Si that I could send you for free. I would only want a favor in the Spring when the snow thaws in your salvage yard.

It looks a little scratched under the bright light of the camera flash but looks pretty perfect under normal sunlight. It’s been sitting in my spare parts box for about 10 years and could probably use a cleaning…

Awesome! The offer is greatly appreciated. I may not need it now though. I am putting the old stereo back in as I am looking into selling the car. An offer I cant refuse came up…on a 98 IT-R… I am looking into buying without selling my GS-R but I am a student lmao…but will get back to you if I end up keeping the vehicle. As for the favour from the wrecking yard what do ya need? I will still look once the snow melts for ya

You can’t pass up an ITR even if the G2 does look better.

The favor is for the fuse box lid under the hood of a non-ABS equipped car. Actually, it looks like here in the states, that lid is only $10 USD from the dealer so it wouldn’t even have to be from the junk yard.

Is there a place online where you can order parts or look up part numbers for your Canadian Acuras that you know of?

I am also really hoping to find someone in Canada who would be willing to get all of the parts for the front seat belts including the trim piece for the A-B-C pillars. But I wouldn’t ask that as a favor; someone would have to want to do it to make some money.