size of rims

would i be able to fit 19 inch rims on my 92 integra…?


anything is possible for a price… 18" wheels on our cars have 35 series tires, so 19’s probably have 25 or 30 series. if you can pull it off, post pics.

what would the adv. of getting 19 inch wheels be…i heared anything over 16 makes you slower…don’t quote me thats just what i heared…

punk749 - it depends on what madeyalook wants for his car. If he just wants huge wheels that won’t fit very well in his wheel wells, then 19’s are the way to go. If he wants a big wheel but doesn’t want to make modifications to the fenders, then maybe 17’s. Personally I want 16’s, they look big but they’re way lighter than a 19. Also, it depends on what kind of wheel you’re getting. The factory alloys are lightweight already so buying anything larger than a 15 is usually heavier.

Madeyalook - Either you’re new and have no idea how big 19’s really are, or you have tons of money and don’t care what mods need to be made to make the wheels fit. I would reccomend 17’s for you if you still want large wheels, if not and you’re still undecided, go with 16’s. IMO they look just as nice as a 17 and they are lighter usually, not to mention better tread life less chance of denting a wheel. Good luck.

if u go 19", u will need to get 215/35/19 pirelli ss
18" - 215/35/18
17" - 205/40/17

IMHO, 17’s will look perfect if your goin’ aftermarket. But stock wise, 15" gsr’s would give u a pleasurable look

Also, a 215/35/19 will have an overall diameter larger than the factory, so you will have to get your speedometer adjusted and don’t plan on lowering it too much, because it won’t fit. I’m riding on factory wheels and tires with H&R sport springs and I wouldn’t put anything bigger in there. HTH

19 inch rims would look goofy, slow you down, handle like $hit, and are bumpy as hell.

Physically they will fit. Whether you will be able to drive with them depends on how low you car is. I had a set Axis Neo in 19" with 215/35-19. They tucked in the back and fit in the front. My car is dropped about 3.5" so when you turn, the front the fender was on the tire. The back had about half inch until it rubbed the wheel well. If you car is lower 1.5" to 2" you should be ok.

They looked sweet. So big. I took them off because I would rather have a really low car than a not so low car on 19" wheels.

If you want big, go with 17s and run 215/40, little wider for some extra traction. I used to run this setup a while ago with some Dunlop W10s and it was enough to get the car on two wheels if I really pushed it. Seriously, It happened with a friend in my car. One night, I kinda missed the sign that said 25MPH turn ahead (pretty curvy road, paying more attention to what I was doing than what I was passing), next thing I know, my buddy is sitting higher than I was. Then… BAM, car slammed back into reality and I blew both passenger shocks.

Anyway, I agree with most of the others, 19s seem to be for show only. Go with 17s w/ 215/40 if you want big, otherwise stick to some 15-16 inchers with some good tires. You won’t be disappointed if you get some sticky tires.


I swear I’ve seen a lot of G2 tegs with 18s. I don’t think he’ll have as many problems with those, right? Oh well… I don’t wanna try to talk him out of doing what he wants but I think 18s are more common but then again who wants to be common? Anyway, peace out homies.


Originally posted by ryuyszh
I swear I’ve seen a lot of G2 tegs with 18s. I don’t think he’ll have as many problems with those, right?

i have 18" konig monsoons, they are 18x7.5 and have 225- 40 instead of the 215-35’s, they ride even better than my stock rims/tires did.

i have 18 and they hit the wall and you have to watch for bumps. the tire is so thin that if you hit a small pot hole wrong that it will skratch the rim. get 17"