Skunk 2 Pro-S or KSport Kontrol Pro?

whats up guys… finally getting some new suspension after rockin the tokico blues with some sleeves, which 3 of the 4 coils ended up snapping… so now my question. im lookin at getting either the Skunk2 Pro-S coilovers or the KSport Kontrol Pro. any opinions…?

I have the K-Sports. Everyone one will tell that they suck and the are a downgrade from stock. But I actually think they are an ok coilover for the price I paid ($600). I have had them for over a year.No leaks. Done some track days and auto-x, and they performed better that the tokico/eibach setup I had before. The adjustment is a little vague, but overall they are good. If money is not that big a deal then I would recommend PIC coilovers.

i have d2’s which is the mother company of ksport and i like them. if your lookin for a good setup with all the adjustment of the very expensive coilovers then its a good inbetween. i paid 7 bills for mine.

function and form coilovers

i had two sets of ksport coilovers (first set blew, got a free replacement set) theyre ok for cheap full coilover got them for 525, now im looking into getting the skunk pro C’s or some apexi ex v’s (ITR)

skunk2 all the way

I guess the biggest question that needs to be asked is what is the car going to be used for?

daily drivin… no auto-x or anything crazy like that, i jus want a nice setup that wont be too unbearable.

I would get the skunk 2’s or Tein.

full coilovers, sleeves, or jus springs…? like i said, it will be used for daily driving, but i also want it to have that agressive stance to it. having the front end quite a bit lower than the rear

If you are not doing any racing or auto-x, then just sleeves or springs will be fine

another question… would it be possible to buy a set of new springs to replace my broken ones for the sleeves…?

I have D2s and while I like the ride and handling, they are known to leak. I had mine for just over a year and they started leaking.

If you do some research, you can find lots of info online regarding them beinng very crappy in terms of quality control.

That goes for K-Sport as well.

If i can do it again, definitely Skunk2s

I have the K-sports and if I were to do it again. I would buy the pic coilovers