Skunk2 camber kit problem

I got 91 integra with its 5 lug. recently purchase and install skunk2 camber kit and everytime it feels like the control arm is bottom out on every bump drives fine but every bump feels like its hitting the frame or suttin hittin it. Any 1 have the same problem or any 1 have any solutions??

it’s hard to get responses of anything around here…but check to make sure there isnt a bolt that came out or is lose, i had that issue w/ mine on the passenger side…i could see something hitting the strut tower…finally got to pull the wheel and saw what it was. also when you do that, you may want to grease the camber kit. mine has a horrific sound, but i’m just too damn lazy/busy to mess w/ it

Including what kind of suspension you’re currently running could be helpful as well…

Are you sure the camber kit is for a gen2 teg?

The top of your a-arms (camber kit) are probably hitting your wheel well. Sounds like your car sits pretty low?

mine hit my wheel well…soo annoying

yall need to double check your bolts in your camber kits, IJS mine no longer hits the strut tower…

what am i double checking? cuz im pretty low so i figured it would hit anyway

make sure your bolts arent backed out of where the a-arm meets the portion that bolts onto the strut tower. when you pull the wheel you can see if it is or isnt.

Make sure your bolts are tight and that it is infact a kit made for the DA body. After that if it’s hitting the fender well it’s because you sit to low and your either going to have to cut a hole or raise it back up.

im on function forms not slammed and yes the box says 90-93

ive got the same set up and feel the function form are too low. I did the extenders in the rear. why is it function & form dont have function and form. the price is right, ride is good going straight, and the preload is good… i will do my full review on it later